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Infant/Toddler | Twos | 3,4, & 5 K | School age

“Everyone is so friendly and my daughter has learned so much.  She surprises us every day.  I would recommend Little Red to anyone looking for a warm, caring, and educational place for their child.  My daughter has multiple food allergies and the steps taken by LRS to keep her safe gives me great peace of mind.” - McKenzie’s mom

The intent of the 3K, 4K, and 5K Program at Little Red Schoolhouse Child Care Center is to provide the best possible learning environment for children by supplying them with a wide variety of learning experiences. 


When children have the opportunity to develop a sound foundation, they are then able to develop self-esteem, emotional, social, physical, and intellectual skills.  Developing these skills is important for the growth and development of children.  Our daily activities develop your child's academic skills while your child enhances his or her social skills.


While it will appear that the program is highly structured because of the amount of material your child is learning, we want it to be clearly understood that the most valued learning is accomplished through play because play is the foundation of all learning.  Little Red Schoolhouse’s philosophy is and will remain “Where Learning is Fun”.


At Little Red Schoolhouse, your child will become anything from an artistic little Picasso to a brilliant Albert Einstein.  He or she will be exposed to many different activities like cave man rock painting, swirling a marble with paint in a box, and creative painting on an easel through the eyes of a young child.  Scientific experiences will include erupting a volcano, watching the metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly, and creating a concoction of gooey, green goop.


Your child’s creativity will have no boundaries. 


Features of the 3K, 4K, and 5K program

  • a comprehensive curriculum developed by an experienced educational expert who holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction (see thematic units)
  • preparation for elementary school by providing skills that will guide them toward future academic success
  • hands-on experiences to inspire math and science interest
  • confidence-building thematic units to encourage curiosity and independence
  • language and literacy skills through letter recognition, poetry and songs, puppets and plays
  • observation-based assessments that demonstrate your child's progress twice a year
  • your child’s progress documented in observation-based assessments and evaluations
  • create meaningful oral language experiences with books and verbal stories
  • focus on early writing and reading skills (writing and recognizing letters, words, and numbers)
  • strengthening of pertinent social skills like listening, manners, cooperation, and sharing
  • children gain a sense of pride in being a responsible member of a group

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