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Infant/Toddler | Twos | 3,4, & 5 K | School age

The goals of the Little Red Schoolhouse Infant and Toddler Program include:

 To create a strong bond with your child to ensure the best start in life.

  1. To create age-appropriate activities promote cognitive and social development in a warm, nurturing environment.
  2. To provide care to the child that includes an individualized approach to health, safety, and nutrition.
  3. To offer the kind of age-appropriate experiences that encourage children to learn, play, and explore
  4. To ensure that our staff work with you to make a smooth transition into our program.

“We are very happy with the care that our child receives at LRS.  We especially depend on and feel comfortable with the exceptional, caring staff.  The children interact well with each other and have a wonderful indoor and outdoor facility at which they can learn and play.  Thank you, LRS!” - Grace’s Mom

Both care-giving and play are important aspects of the program.  Feeding, for example, not only meets the child’s physical needs, but also it provides a variety of sensory experiences, pleasure, and satisfaction along with an opportunity to learn social and self-help skills.


Play is a very important part of the infant and toddler programs; it is vital your child’s growth and development, along with providing opportunities for discovery through natural experiences.  Infants and toddlers make discoveries and choices, solve problems, and begin to learn what is of interest to them.  Play is promoted by providing time and space with guidance.  The program is arranged to provide an environment conducive to play with constant supervision.


The primary function of the staff is to facilitate learning, rather than to teach or train.  Infants and toddlers need stimulation from toys, pictures, and people.  More importantly, however, they need to discover that they can influence the people and objects around them.  Our program emphasizes the importance of positive, supportive interactions between our teachers and your child. Teachers sing songs and read stories to encourage language acquisition; they pass balls and play games to develop motor skills; but most of all they spend lots of time cuddling and talking to babies to instill trust and provide comfort.


Age-appropriate activities promote cognitive and social development in a warm, nurturing environment.  While exploring their play area full of stimulating toys, babies are encouraged to develop at their own pace.


The importance of the parent’s role is well understood.  The staff will provide care to the child, which parallels the child’s care at home.  The staff works closely with the child’s family to define exactly the type of care that would be in the best interest of the infant or toddler.  It is the intention of Little Red Schoolhouse, Inc. to ensure that the values, culture, and goals of the parents are incorporated into the care of the child.  It is the hope of LRS that the infant or toddler will see life at LRS as an extension of life at home.

Features of the Infant Program

·        Focusing on your child’s individual schedule and goals you provide for us.

·        Assisting with the acquisition of language development in every aspect of the day’s activities.

·        Age-appropriate toys, games, and music to stimulate development

·        Nurturing, personal care that builds trust and self-esteem through holding, rocking, talking, etc.

·        Stimulating activities and group interactions that encourage your child to play and explore, generating interest and curiosity as your child grows

·        Regular communication with teachers, including daily notes with information on your child’s feedings, naps, and diapering information, to keep you informed about your child's day and progress


Features of the Toddler Program


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